Så - so that, so or then? 2

The Danish word translates into the English so that, so or then. The three meanings can be distinguished according to the syntax, and - if spoken - from the stress and melody of the phrase.

So that:
Han låste døren, så jeg (s) ikke (a) kunne (v) komme ind. (He locked the door, so that I could not get in.)

Døren var låst, så jeg (s) kunne (v) ikke (a) komme ind.(The door was locked, so I could not get in.)

Han låste døren, så kunne (v) jeg (s) ikke (a) komme ind. (He locked the door then I could not get in.)
Lås døren, så kan (v) han (s) ikke (a) komme ind! (lock the door, then he can not get in)!
Jeg står op klokken 7. Så tager (v) jeg (s) normalt (a) et bad. (I get up at 7. Then I usually take a shower).

Drag and drop to form a så-sentence. The sequence sav means so that, sva means so and vsa means then.