Passive - blive plus perfect

In English, passive is constructed from perfect tense with to be as auxiliary. If you have your car washed, but do not care by whom, you write:

My car is always washed on sundays

The phrase is called passive, which means that focus is on the action, not on the actor.

In Danish, the corresponding auxiliary is at blive to become :

Min bil bliver altid vasket om søndagen.

But besides from that the constuction is like in English: You use the perfect tense of the verb.

Finish the sentences by constructing passive form of the verb in parenthesis. Click her for a list of verbs. If your keyboard does not have the Danish special characters, please click the on the key pad above the check botton.
1) Jeg (at klippe) hos en frisør på Nørrebro.
2) Danskurset (at aflyse) , hvis læreren er syg.
3) Der (sælge) flere kolde øl om sommeren.
4) Jeg (at vække) af trafikken hver morgen.